HCF-North America made a gift to the Rehabilitation Center of Chicago’s new state of the art building, and it has become the Shirley Ryan Ability lab. The gift was made for a private rehabilitation space on the new pediatric floor; this new space will carry the name of the Happy Childhood Foundation. This facility will take rehabilitation to a whole new level and the Happy Childhood Foundation is proud to continue strengthening its partnership which such a wonderful organization.



Since 1976, AFEL has worked with delinquent children, or children at risk of delinquency, abused children or children living in abusive conditions, by providing them with a school system and an after-school system to help them reinforce their education, develop their values, and get them off the streets. The Happy Childhood Foundation supports AFEL with a speech therapist, who works with each and every child in need to get them up to standards and help them learn to express themselves.

Website: http://www.afel.org.lb/


The FAID is one of it’s kind in Lebanon: it’s a school for hearing-impaired children, and what is remarkable about this particular school is that they teach these children how to speak –how to communicate, with words, not just sign language. And with that skill, these children are able to grow and function in society. The Happy Childhood Foundation supports FAID with speech therapists and a psychologist.


One of the first projects supported by the Happy Childhood Foundation, the Beirut Dance Project gives underprivileged young girls and boys the chance to train as professional ballet dancers. Ballet isn’t just about dancing. For these children, it’s a discipline, a way to up their self-confidence and self-worth, a potential profession –and most of all, it gives them the chance to dream.

Website: http://www.nadakano.com/project/


Starting from January 2015, the Happy Childhood Foundation is supporting Oum el Nour’s Youth Awareness program. This program seeks to shed light on the issues of drug addiction and to highlight its risks: through awareness sessions, activities and events, and the production of information-education-communication material.

Website: https://oum-el-nour.org/


Since 1966, the Jinishian Memorial Program has worked with families in need to help them move from poverty and despair to self-sufficiency and hope — through relief, development and spiritual uplift. The Happy Childhood Foundation started its support to JMP in 2014 with a special monthly fund: with that, an experienced/senior JMP social worker directs the funds to provide basic necessities for children living in extreme poverty. A pair of shoes, a healthy meal, a birthday cake, a toy…  Also through the JMP, The Happy Childhood Foundation is providing scholarships to children who would otherwise not be able to attend school. Starting in 2015, HCF has allocated additional funding to provide essential household appliances to families with children, like an oven, a fridge and other essentials.

Website: http://jinishian.org/


Since its inception, the Happy Childhood Foundation has supported deserving school students who, because of changing financial situations, would otherwise have to drop out of private school and into the public system. Through scholarships, transportation, school uniforms.



Since 2012, the Happy Childhood Foundation has provided support through Jesus Nino, to support more than 100 children living in dire conditions for not having a proper home environment,​ attending a variety of programs, both educational and leisurely. Since the beginning of this partnership, the HCF’s support and contributions have helped​ improve and develop the library, allowed the hiring of more and professional ​staff to cater to more and more children while providing better support to the most vulnerable minors.



The Mother and Child Foundation was founded in 2000 in Thodupuzha – in the state of Kerala, South India. It is a charitable organization which provides shelter, education, food and other basic human needs, but most importantly love and care, to forsaken or orphaned children, youth and mothers without discrimination of caste, creed, and religion.
To date, the foundation accommodates 176 children from all backgrounds and religions. All live under the same roof with dignity and respect for each other.
Some children are picked up from the streets or from unwed or mentally sick mothers but this does not deter the foundation from putting the children through their studies. Some of the professional studies include Nursing, Engineering, hotel management, computer engineer etc.. For those who do not or cannot pursue academic studies then professional and practical training is offered in music, plumbing, electrical work, welding, tailoring etc. And those who are recognized as having a talent in certain areas are encouraged, such as Jaison, who is given free schooling in a sports school due to his athleticism.