We have a simple but important goal: to put a smile on the face of as many underprivileged children as possible, without any discrimination of race, gender, religion, or nationality.

We believe that

  1. To grow into a healthy member of his or her community, every child deserves access to the basic necessities of daily life such as clothing, food, and shelter.

2. To build harmonious connections and healthy relationships with others, every child deserves to live in safety and
receive protection against all kinds of abuse.

3. To secure a bright future as an active and responsible citizen, every child
deserves to have access to a decent education

4. To look forward to a prosperous life, every child deserves first to
receive the health care needed

5. To discover his or her passions, to develop skills, and to nurture
talents, every child deserves to engage in recreation activities

We believe these are the 5 pillars for a happy childhood. By making a positive, tangible, and sustained difference in the lives of as many children as possible, we also aim to improve our world …

… One smile at a time!


Officially inaugurated in 2012, our first Laetitia Hatem Rehabilitation Center in Lebanon rapidly became a center of rehabilitation excellence providing physical, occupational, speech and psychomotor therapy as well as psychological and social support


A modern breakthrough concept, taking a ground up approach; The Happy Childhood Village in Tanzania seeks to implement under a single roof the five pillars of a happy childhood (basic necessities, protection, health, education, and recreation).