The purpose of creating the Philippe Hatem Foundation for a Happy Childhood (hereafter referred to as “the Foundation”) is to offer every child the opportunity to enjoy a happy and balanced development, surrounded by affection and respectful of their personality, talent and safety, changing their destiny and gaining a smile in the face of adversity.
The beginning of this journey was, paradoxically, the end of a child’s life, Philippe Hatem. His smile and his concern for those left behind constitute the spirit and the source of inspiration behind every action of the Foundation that carries his name, and set it apart from the many other charity organizations.
This spirit and inspiration must permeate not only every action, but also everyone and every party working on the advancement of the Foundation.
Whatever their role and level of involvement, it would be meaningless if not motivated and nurtured by the spirit that characterized Philippe’s life and kept alive beyond his death.
It is therefore fundamental for anyone wishing to take part in the Happy Childhood project around the world and contribute to the Foundation’s work to adhere to and live by the principles that underline its work.

1. Any obstacle to the harmonious development of a child resulting from health issues, poverty, social exclusion, conflict or discrimination of any kind represents an injustice against which one is called to fight with a personal commitment and a sense of urgency

2. Each should be ready to put his own competences at the selfless service
of all individual or collective actions aiming at giving every underprivileged child, the smile they have been deprived of, and carry them until they can fulfill their life objectives

3. This commitment should be without compromise of any sort, without discrimination of any kind and should be driven by the highest moral standards; it should also be respectful of every child’s family and social background as well as of his religious, cultural and personal beliefs

4. As such, anyone wishing to collaborate with the Foundation, at any level,
should be capable of:

a. Putting the happiness of underprivileged children at the forefront of any action or decision in relation with the Foundation’s work
b. Keeping in mind, at all times, that the only meaning of his own role in the Foundation — or in any of its affiliates — is to make children happy, and that all decisions must be driven by that urgency
c. Demonstrating intelligent and creative professionalism, to devise new formulas, initiatives, methods and solutions to reach out more effectively to children in need, so that in turn they may help those who have yet to be rescued
d. When allocating resources and implementing new projects, always keeping in mind the global perspective of the Foundation and giving priority to achieving its overall purpose
e. Making sure that every financial contribution is clean and transparent, from its source to its final allocation
f. Maximizing the use of available resources to the benefit of children in need, wherever they may be and according to the most pressing needs
g. By setting the standards and showing resolute commitment, facilitate the dissemination of what the Foundation stands for in an efficient and credible way, thus promoting widespread support for all its actions