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While happiness is the ultimate purpose of every human life, for children it is a right that each and every one of them should enjoy; in fact, childhood is sometimes defined as the time of happiness! This means that children should have access to the basic necessities of daily life (food, clothing and shelter), protection against all kinds of abuse, a good health, adequate education and recreational activities. Happy children are also more likely to develop into mature and responsible adults with the ability to make our humanity a better one. Happy childhood, therefore, is a promise for a more prosperous future to all, including our own children; it is my strong belief that bringing happiness to children is a sacred duty that each one of us should take very seriously.

Our network of Happy Childhood Foundations has a simple but important objective: to put a smile on the face of as many children as possible, around the world and without any form of discrimination. Under the guidance of a mother foundation incorporated in Geneva (the Philippe Hatem Foundation for a Happy Childhood – PHF), which complies with governance requirements set and controlled by the Swiss authorities, our various Happy Childhood Foundations (HCF) ensure proper implementation of the global initiatives approved centrally.

While we are well aware of the many challenges awaiting us as we work to transform our vision into reality, we are also convinced that with passion, hard work and dedication, and with the support of best-in-class technical partners and passionate benefactors, we will overcome them one after the other and succeed. By doing this with love and care at every level, we hope to actively contribute to make our world a better place.

Should you decide to join us on this journey for a happy childhood, please do not consider your support and generosity as an act of charity, but rather as the best investment that you will ever make … an investment for a better world.

Georges Hatem
Happy Childhood Foundation