Laetitia Hatem Rehabilitation Center [LHRC]


  • To establish state-of-the-art rehabilitation centers that offer physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as psychological support
  • To provide quality rehabilitation care to children with disabilities, offering them the opportunity to recover, as much as possible, health, autonomy, dignity and hope
  • To raise awareness that solutions exist for physical, intellectual, emotional & psychological disabilities

LHRC Lebanon

HCF partnered with the best-in-class providers to ensure an unparalleled level of care in Lebanon:
Hotel-Dieu de France Hospital (HDF), one of the best hospitals in the country
SRALab in Chicago, which provided technical support and training of the LHRC team.

The LHRC is a center of rehabilitation excellence in the
country providing:
– physical therapy
– occupational therapy
– speech therapy
– psychomotor therapy
– pool therapy
– psychological support

The Rehabilitation & Healing Garden is designed to offer all patients a unique opportunity and an ideal space to heal and recuperate in a setting conceived to enhance their wellbeing, and is essential component of the LHRC.

It provides all patients of the
LHRC with a pleasant outdoor space for therapy, including group therapy for children, and the chance to experience healing in green, peaceful surroundings.

Full rehabilitation care has been offered to hundreds of underprivileged children suffering from a multitude of conditions; spinal cord injuries, brain traumas, cerebral palsy, muscular & skeletal impairment, orthopedic traumas – this has allowed children patients supported by HCF Lebanon to regain autonomy and self-esteem, often leading to better access to education, better social inclusion, and a chance to have a professional career. We aim to ensure that these children develop into independent and responsible members of their communities, and that they enjoy living a dignified life.

Currently, HCF Lebanon with Hotel Dieu de France are working on a development program to ensure proximity to patients in all the Lebanese territory by the progressive establishment of three rehabilitation centers; one in the Bekaa Valley, one in the North, and one in the South of Lebanon.

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